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Free NaturalReader 9.0

Free NaturalReader is a bare-bones text-to-speech program
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Free NaturalReader is a free text-to-speech program offered by NaturalSoft. As far as its features are concerned, you'll probably find this program a bit lacking. The default TTS (text to speech) program included with almost all versions of Windows, entitled Narrator, will get the job done just as well as this one, if not being even a bit easier to use.

The interface of NaturalReader is a bit tricky to navigate, and is unnecessarily confusing. The one feature that caught my eye was an built-in mp3 converter, so you can listen to your text, such as an audio book, on the go. Much to my dismay, however, I soon discovered that this was of course only available in the paid version. NaturalSoft also offers a Personal Version and a Professional Version, which cost $50 and $100 respectively. The Free version of the program seems like a teaser to get you to buy the full edition.

The actual reading of text is relatively good. Almost all speech is understandable, and you'd be hard pressed to find a much more understandable free tts program.

All things considered, you'd be better off keeping to the software bundled with Windows computers, Narrator. It has a simpler interface and does not give you the annoying message "This function is only available in paid versions" every five seconds.

Paul Scornavacchi
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  • Usually understandable
  • Free


  • Useful features are not included
  • Hard to use
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